Mediocrities [noun]

Definition of Mediocrities:


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Sentence/Example of Mediocrities:

It was a different thing to advertise one's mediocrity to the world.

The kind of renown most accessible and acceptable to mediocrity.

I see only mediocrity in her, and you will find a hundred women who will be more worthy of you.

I may be the son of a genius, but I am nevertheless a mediocrity.

He is the embodiment of routine and conservatism, because he is the embodiment of mediocrity.

You may link yourself to mediocrity, but can you humble your nature to resemble it.

Woe to that man, or that nation, to whom mediocrity has become an ideal!

So I have always been, and I always shall be, mortified at my own mediocrity.

Escape from the mediocrity of one to the mediocrity of many?

The law of labor is equally binding on genius and mediocrity.