Meditate [verb]

Definition of Meditate:


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Sentence/Example of Meditate:

I haven't the least desire to sit alone and moon and meditate.

He is expected to see and to sing, not to scrutinize and meditate.

Among these tranquillising objects, it is my delight to walk and meditate.

I shut myself into this place of seclusion, after breakfast, and meditate.

It sent his mind inwards; it drove him to meditate upon the laws and secrets of his art.

I would not that you should ever be able to reproach me for the madness that you meditate.

Meditate upon it, and on the insignificance and evanescence of human life.

My heart will break if this thing you meditate comes to pass.

Baffled, defeated, disgraced by her colonies, she will ever meditate revenge.

He wanted a place to meditate in, walk up and down, think out his sermons.