Meditated [verb]

Definition of Meditated:


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Sentence/Example of Meditated:

She stopped the running and meditated with a steady, hard deliberation.

He sat for many years by the banks of the Indus, and meditated.

Vargrave forbore to mention what the meditated investment was.

Inside, he sat down upon the oats-box, and meditated upon what he should do.

Miss Sommerton meditated bitterly on the disappointments and annoyances of the day.

I was much puzzled with this letter, and meditated long over it.

They meditated, or lost themselves in infinitely sweet reveries.

The lady, alarmed, and thinking he meditated suicide, asked what he meant.

Prototype, when Agesilaus meditated the advance on Persia, just before his recall.

I rested awhile and meditated upon the weakness of the flesh.