Meekly [adverb]

Definition of Meekly:


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Sentence/Example of Meekly:

Then he said, meekly, "Does your mother object to tobacco smoke, ma'am?"

"Well, sir, I suppose it was to come," meekly replied Jenkins.

He did not often find one who would stand it so meekly as Joe Jenkins.

They looked down upon us, and we meekly admitted their right to do so.

He felt that he ought to leave her then, but he followed her meekly enough.

"I never smoke cigars," she said in a meekly apologetic tone.

"I mak' no doubt as you're reet, Dick," said Matthew, meekly.

Then she spoke, meekly enough, in the same cold, level voice.

So he meekly succumbed, and began to discuss with her the programme for the concert.

Very meekly Old Jerry bore his thundered rebuke––too meekly.