Meetings [noun]

Definition of Meetings:

gathering, conference

Opposite/Antonyms of Meetings:

Sentence/Example of Meetings:

These meetings were productive of great good to the community and to individuals.

These daily meetings had assumed a great and sweet familiarity.

Years ago he used to speak at meetings—in France, I believe.

But it seems to me that some better plan might be made for these meetings.

Soon she was sent out over the city to speak at meetings and ask for aid.

"He'd be out at meetings most every night," Mrs. Marsh continued.

They were permitted to hold their meetings outside the walled towns.

He set himself to thinking back to his meetings with the others.

Bunyan, while still nominally in confinement, attended its meetings.

Vere was at the door when Hermione remembered her two meetings of that evening.