Megalopolises [noun]

Definition of Megalopolises:

major city

Synonyms of Megalopolises:

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Sentence/Example of Megalopolises:

This town was situated on a high and craggy rock, near Megalopolis.

To the modern traveller Megalopolis still presents features of interest.

Athens and Megalopolis could have been no more than an Ephesos or Miltos.

But the people of Megalopolis call the same the Sicyonian gourd.

It joined the other Arcadian cities in the foundation of Megalopolis.

Here the Athamanians surrendered first, and afterwards Philip of Megalopolis.

The speech for Phormio belongs to the same year as the plea for Megalopolis.

The largest theatre was at Megalopolis, with an auditorium 474 ft. in diameter.

He then attired it in a purple robe, placed a garland upon its head, and sent it to the city of Megalopolis.

He invaded the territory of Megalopolis, carried off a large booty, and laid waste a large extent of country.