Melancholia [noun]

Definition of Melancholia:

depression in a season, mainly winter

Synonyms of Melancholia:

Opposite/Antonyms of Melancholia:


Sentence/Example of Melancholia:

The truth was that she had given signs of melancholia ever since the death of Antonin.

Melancholia is where is offered a good chance for Christian Science.

What if the gentleman in a sudden fit of melancholia had thrown himself into the lake?

Is not this a manifest case of insanity, in the form known as melancholia?

You're going to get out of this wretched, unkempt state of melancholia at once.

So she drifts into neurasthenia and has fits of crying and periods of melancholia.

Every type of madness may there be studied, from dementia and melancholia to mania.

Nearly all these cases were instances, not of mania but of melancholia.

Melancholia with a constant fear of impending danger is often present.

If he could only say and do the right thing to kill that melancholia.