Melancholic [adjective]

Definition of Melancholic:


Opposite/Antonyms of Melancholic:

Sentence/Example of Melancholic:

The captain was a clever, melancholic man, who had no unusual grip on his crew.

This is the melancholic temperament, which does not shrink from the most profound inquiry.

My dear Madam, I am really getting too serious, philosophic, and melancholic.

She watched Paul growing irritable, priggish, and melancholic.

But he fretted so, got so furious suddenly, and again was melancholic.

If my temper be melancholic, melancholy has a happiness of its own.

He was one of the most complete specimens of the melancholic temperament.

The rest of it is arid, rugged, and of a melancholic aspect.

This turned in his later years into a melancholic temperament.

One person could be at once bilious, melancholic and lymphatic.