Melodic [adjective]

Definition of Melodic:

pertaining to melody

Synonyms of Melodic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Melodic:

Sentence/Example of Melodic:

In it are the harmonic, melodic, and spiritual germs of modern music.

Some musicians have the faculty of invention, rhythmic, melodic.

With the composer's next opera we meet Verdi the melodic universalist.

The polyphony of the vocal parts is masterly and the melodic flow most charming.

Melodic form is more obvious than harmonic, hence they developed it.

A composition does not exist unless there is repetition of the melodic subjects of it.

Accustom your ear to harmonic and melodic clarity, and—listen closely.

No German surpassed him in the art of writing beautiful, melodic lines.

Cézanne did little composing in the melodic sense of the word.

Tis the Open Road that inspired Whitman with his rude, melodic chants.