Melodies [noun]

Definition of Melodies:

harmony, tune

Synonyms of Melodies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Melodies:

Sentence/Example of Melodies:

The music was very faint, and yet its melodies could be clearly distinguished.

Further, a distinction should be made between the melodies of men and women.

You are tired—I know you are—of Polish melodies and German ballads.

Moore used to say, when complimented on his singing the melodies, 'Ah!

But I really can't sing the melodies—they are too much for me.

Respecting these airs or melodies, a few remarks may be offered.

The melodies of his old age are as delicious as those of his youth.

Might their melodies not strike freshly and alluringly on the ear to-day?

I don't mean the melodies, but Johnny has arranged some good business.

And must they wane, Like melodies upon a sandy plain, Without an echo?