Melodiously [adverb]

Definition of Melodiously:

with a sweet sound

Synonyms of Melodiously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Melodiously:


Sentence/Example of Melodiously:

“‘Lieb Vaterland magst ruhig sein,’” he melodiously observed.

It whistled once long and melodiously, then twice in short staccatos.

Then she set out to find out who it was sang so melodiously.

Suddenly Ulenspiegel sang again, most melodiously like a lark.

He is bound to say it, clearly and melodiously if he may; clearly, at all events.

"It is in four volumes at twelve and sixpence," said Mary melodiously.

"Suez thanks Mr. Ravenel," melodiously responded his mother.

Standing in a ring near these shooters was another party of Germans singing hunting-songs, in parts, most melodiously.

When a passenger of the foot hove in sight, tootle the horn trumpet to him melodiously at first.

The old woman sang the song for me as melodiously and beautifully as any young person.