Melodiousness [noun]

Definition of Melodiousness:

harmony, tune

Synonyms of Melodiousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Melodiousness:

Sentence/Example of Melodiousness:

With his remembrance of the grim deacon he had doubts as to the melodiousness of HIS utterance.

His music is specially characterized by grace and melodiousness.

What a wild beauty and fragrance and melodiousness it possessed above all forests, because of that mystery that drew me to it!

There it still lay, calm yet lively; of an unmixed blue, yet variegated; hushed, but articulate even to melodiousness.

It is not a melody in the old-fashioned meaning of the term, but it fairly teems with melodiousness.

Voices of people boating on the river floated up too, softened to melodiousness.

Now, taken as a whole, the babbler class is characterised neither by beauty nor melodiousness.