Melodist [noun]

Definition of Melodist:

person who can carry a tune

Synonyms of Melodist:

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Sentence/Example of Melodist:

His songs prove him to be a melodist, the most original since Brahms in this form.

Leoncavallo is never much of a melodist, and 'Pagliacci' teems with reminiscences.

Italy has produced no melodist equal to him, and Germany only one—Franz Schubert.

Bellini was essentially a melodist, a lyric composer of ideallic naiveté.

It sometimes is contended that Wagner adopted his system of leading motives because he was not a melodist.

More pleasantly thus wilt thou labour, and, indeed, of old thou wert a melodist.

As is shown by the two or three vocal works of his that I have seen, Gleason is less successful as a melodist than as a harmonist.

In 1825 Moore paid a visit to Scott, who pronounced the Irish melodist the "prettiest warbler" he had ever heard.