Melodramatic [adjective]

Definition of Melodramatic:

extravagant in speech, behavior

Synonyms of Melodramatic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Melodramatic:



Sentence/Example of Melodramatic:

She was not in the least melodramatic, and what was stranger, perhaps, she was not ashamed.

It is too melodramatic, too moralistic perhaps to suit our modern taste.

Her sorrowful Satan grows first melodramatic and then absurd.

The Admiral stood wrapped in his cloak, melodramatic as usual.

It was a melodramatic departure, and as such has ever been impressed on my memory.

The Mexican was a perfect model for a painting of a melodramatic villain.

The melodramatic romance of the West is mostly in storybooks.

But suppose the worst in all this, the most lurid or melodramatic solution you like.

She loved the melodramatic, and was never so happy, said Blake, as when bathed in tears.

And with this melodramatic conclusion Mira had really frightened him.