Melts [verb]

Definition of Melts:

liquefy; dissolve

Synonyms of Melts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Melts:

Sentence/Example of Melts:

If the ice that froze up the spring of his love would but begin to melt!

I'm fit to melt—there is no strength left in me; here, come and take the rod!'

Put some butter into a sauce-pan, set it on hot coals, and melt and skim it.

Put the sugar to melt in the liquid, and let it set all night.

Melt a pound of butter by putting it into a skillet on hot coals.

Melt a quarter of a pound of fresh butter in a quart of milk.

Upon my word of honour, I do believe it must melt at times; it vanishes so quickly.

The water which serves to melt and separate the wax is far from being useless.

So that he adds, upon the empty city, 'Burn it and melt its brass'.

I did not awake; things did not melt away in a mist before my eyes.