Membrane [noun]

Definition of Membrane:

covering layer

Synonyms of Membrane:

Opposite/Antonyms of Membrane:


Sentence/Example of Membrane:

The membrane breaks off, the fever declines, and the child begins to recover.

Membranous or eous: composed of membrane or skin-like tissue.

Platelet: a little plate or sclerite of chitin in a membrane.

Bones are covered with a tough skin, or membrane (periosteum).

The membrane lining the abdominal cavity and enfolding its organs.

Membrane: a thin layer or fold of animal or vegetable matter.

The thing was writhing, the thin ball of membrane palpitating, heaving.

Others, great length of fin or of membrane, as the flying-fish and the bat.

It is this membrane which protrudes like a blister from the tissues.

In addition to this, there is a membrane in the mouth which can be inflated through the gills.