Membranous [adjective]

Definition of Membranous:


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Sentence/Example of Membranous:

The veil is membranous and forms a persistent ring on the stem.

This will leave a membranous bag that can be used in place of the parchment bag.

Membranous or eous: composed of membrane or skin-like tissue.

Gymnoptera: species with membranous wings not covered with scales.

Pre-halter: a membranous scale in front of the true haltere of a fly.

The margins of this glume are membranous and somewhat scaberulous.

The second glume is membranous, 1- to 5-nerved or nerveless.

The second glume is ovate-lanceolate, membranous, glabrous and 3-nerved.

The first two glumes are membranous, lanceolate, and subequal.

Seeds compressed, pendulous, prolonged in a membranous wing.