Memo [noun]

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Memo: Must do the one in the dining-tent when the people are asleep for the night.

But there was a memo, evidently added to the entry in some change of editions.

Memo: Squeeze the So-and-So village at the first time of calling.

Better make a memo to talk with this chief-freedman of Martwynn's, what's his name?

Hastily Aaron Logan prepared a memo stating the terms of the sale.

This memo was not submitted for signature and was superseded by a memo of 13 May 46.

Howard Morely looked up from a memo as the clerk tapped on the door.

A memo was routine, but the contents of this one were remarkable.

"Yes, sir," said Maxine, and read from the memo pad in her hand.

"I've just made a memo of this, sir," he said, pointing to an entry.