Memoir [noun]

Definition of Memoir:

record of experiences

Synonyms of Memoir:

Opposite/Antonyms of Memoir:

Sentence/Example of Memoir:

Some day I hope there may be a Memoir of him; for none has yet appeared.

From time to time he sent a memoir to the Academie des Sciences at Paris.

Many of these are recounted in a later portion of this memoir.

Then, why did you not address a memoir to that effect to the Minister?'

In the Memoir this action is by mistake attributed to the Count.

The pieces that follow are reprints, and have been already mentioned in this Memoir.

When shall I see a memoir on Insular floras, and on the Pacific?

I hope that the Smithsonian Institution will publish your memoir.

I think you might write a memoir on fresh-water productions.

He also wrote a memoir of his father, privately printed at Oxford in 1883.