Memorabilia [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Memorabilia:

There's a similar touch of ineptitude (senility, perhaps) in the Memorabilia, ad fin.

And other memorabilia, which by accident hang about this Lynar.

We could extend these memorabilia, but have perhaps said enough.

The memorabilia about this time at Ravenshoe, were—The weather was glorious.

Memorabilia was composed in the Roman Campagna in the winter of 1853-54.

I come to memorabilia more precious to me and of larger import.

He had collected none of the memorabilia which young men usually have assembled at twenty-five.

This-volume also contains his Memorabilia de seipso; his notes of the reign of James I.; and other interesting matter.

As to Socrates, he himself explicitly refers to her, in the Memorabilia, as his teacher.

That is essentially Socrates' train of thought as given by Xenophon in his Memorabilia.