Memorandum [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Memorandum:

I made a memorandum of the amount, which you're welcome to see.'

Here is a memorandum and a plan describing how they are to be applied.

The last entry was the only memorandum that had any interest for him.

There was no memorandum of the taking on of such an impossible number of passengers.

He entered 320 the names and numbers of the bonds in his memorandum book.

He left a memorandum of those he wanted on hand when his will was read.

He took from his pocket a memorandum book and turned over the leaves.

Cabot had been turning over the leaves of the memorandum book while speaking.

The general plan outlined in this memorandum was the one followed.

"This with speed," wrote Haggerstone at the foot of the memorandum.