Memorandums [noun]

Definition of Memorandums:

written note

Synonyms of Memorandums:

Opposite/Antonyms of Memorandums:


Sentence/Example of Memorandums:

His papers, his memorandums, his passport—all proofs of his identity—were gone!

Papers and memorandums of his conversation about my wife's money.

Broker's memorandums: 'bought by order of M. Monlard; sold by order of M. Monlard.'

There were the pencilled marks and memorandums on the wainscot by the window.

But my memorandums of these things relate rather to take notice only of the fact, and mention only that it was so.

I mused and wrote, being determined to return, if with all my hands empty, at least with my memorandums full.

"That contains nothing but a few of my father's notices and memorandums," said Nebenchari, drawing a deep breath of relief.

Then he took out his pocket-book to amuse himself by reading his memorandums, but they were very few, and very unintelligible.

He told me he was born in London; see more in my memorandums of him to Mr. Anthony Wood.

The Greeks used bronze and stone for public monuments, wax for memorandums and papyrus for the ordinary transactions of life.