Memories [noun]

Definition of Memories:

ability to hold in the mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Memories:

Sentence/Example of Memories:

Plato perceived that the contemplative maiden was busy with memories of the past.

The boys returned to their memories of insult, as they regarded the police force.

It makes another link between us, like the memories of our childhood.

Not all the memories of that early day are quite unspotted by remorse.

She alone was left, heir to all the memories and tragedies of the house.

Memories of the past are whispering to him: 'Choose the flower.

If it had happened yesterday, the thing could not be fresher in their memories.

These were not among his memories He deeply woulded that he could—and lo!

The examples of such men never die, but, like their memories, are immortal.

The tide of memories was setting in now—the drift back to the old mooring.