Memorization [noun]

Definition of Memorization:

ability to hold in the mind

Synonyms of Memorization:

Opposite/Antonyms of Memorization:

Sentence/Example of Memorization:

Memorization should be conducted as shown in Stanza I, above.

Learning language is not reducible to the memorization of expressions.

Complete the memorization by this same process of careful re-reading.

If you were teaching a poem of four stanzas, would you use the method of memorization by wholes or by parts?

What advantage has the method of concentration over the method of repetition in memorization?

Changes of key, time or movement should be carefully noted in the memorization of the notes.

The memorization by the pupils of the words of the text-book without any understanding of the meaning.

Sequential Problem Solving begins with the mechanics of learning and the role of memorization in learning.

Memorization through repetition and forgetfulness follow a similar pattern.

"Basic thinking skills" include the student's memorization of the various characters and the sequence of the plot in the story.