Menage [noun]

Definition of Menage:


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Sentence/Example of Menage:

I can sit on any horse, but I have had no opportunity of learning the menage.

Did you ever hear of anything so absurd as Leonora presiding over a missionary's menage?

Let Mills (I see you have him still) call on me to-morrow about your menage.

Menage was younger, and aspired to be a man of the world as well as a savant.

Lucilla, as Jeckie well knew, had long been top dog in the Grice menage.

Menage quotes Suetonius, that Caligula was potionatus by his wife.

He then showed us a stable of brave horses, with his menage and cavalerizzo.

This "menage" at Beaulieu oppressed him, and he hated the place.

You see, I am not quite sure what the immediate future of this menage is going to be.

What right had Dan to reveal the secrets of our menage to this chit of a school-girl?