Mendaciously [adverb]

Definition of Mendaciously:


Synonyms of Mendaciously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mendaciously:


Sentence/Example of Mendaciously:

She never told her any such thing, cried Peggy mendaciously.

"Of course, I remember perfectly well," he said mendaciously.

"We shall all be very glad to see him," said he to the girl, mendaciously.

"The truth is my long suit," returned Simpkins mendaciously.

He was on top of the situation now, and he was mendaciously cheerful.

"Miss Falconer will be delighted," said Lady Claire mendaciously.

By way of consolation I mendaciously assured her that I understood.

"This dance is ours," he says, mendaciously, knowing well this is the first time they have met this evening.

Today he was mendaciously telling a lady that he had a book published by Suvorin; I, of course, put on an expression of awe.

Not mendaciously written anywhere, yet erroneously everywhere.