Mendicants [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mendicants:

In passing the coins their eyes met, and the mendicant started.

It would be a disgrace on my house to have him become a mendicant.

Oh, I'd forgive him all, and e'en his flight, Had only he not turned a mendicant.

In a way of speaking, this mendicant of Coney Island was perhaps of this class.

The order of scholars has ceased to be mendicant, vagabond, and eremite.

The strength of the mendicant orders was in their popularity.

The mendicant orders furnished the 218army of papal absolutism.

Other mendicant orders prove the dominant ideas of the time.

You may be certain there was a mendicant priest in attendance on his godship.

Why had Mlle. d' Armilly been so stricken at the sight of the mendicant?