Menials [noun]

Definition of Menials:

person of lesser rank, importance

Synonyms of Menials:

Opposite/Antonyms of Menials:

Sentence/Example of Menials:

She was quite unable to repress a vulgar interest in the menials that served her.

I looked up, and saw the livery my father's menials had worn.

Shall our own brethren drag the chainWhich not even Russia's menials wear?

He was mollified, too, by the defiance of menials and quick submission to himself.

You may tremble, sir, for menials can be discharged, and have characters to lose!

Is it in order to degrade their superiors, to raise the status of menials?

The Subotchevs' house was filled with domestics and menials just as in days gone by.

Stay there not, already, enough of these menials in the land around?

Of the sixty, only the menials, thirteen in number, were suffered to return.

My menials have left me to provide for themselves, as I can no longer provide for them.