Meniscus [noun]

Definition of Meniscus:

glass for vision

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Sentence/Example of Meniscus:

A meniscus, so called from its resembling the crescent moon.

Sometimes, as in the Ornithorhynchus, the meniscus is absent.

In order to obtain an accurate result, the meniscus should be removed.

With most instruments the reading is taken from the bottom of the meniscus.

The temperature of the thermostat is then raised degree by degree, and the height of the meniscus at each point ascertained.

The height of the meniscus is then read on a millimetre scale attached to the capillary.

A correction must be introduced for the error caused by the meniscus of the mercury.

The addition of a few drops of potash solution destroys the meniscus, and allows of a close reading of the volume.

In one case we found the meniscus separated at both ends and lying between the bones and the capsule.

In the later stages, the condyle, together with the meniscus, may be worn away and completely disappear.