Menopause [noun]

Definition of Menopause:

end of menstrual cycle

Synonyms of Menopause:

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Sentence/Example of Menopause:

The time of its disappearance is known as "the change of life, or menopause."

On the other hand, it is common in insane females and in normal women after the menopause.

In the chapter on menstruation I referred briefly to the menopause.

The age at which menstruation ceases is called the menopause or climacteric.

On the other hand the Mo seem to have no special rites to mark the menopause.

Some of the symptoms of the menopause have been cured in the same way.

The time of disappearance is termed the "change of life," or menopause.

After the menopause (change of life) they ordinarily shrink in size.

The menopause or change of life is the end of the child-bearing period of a woman's life.

At or after the menopause (about the 45th year) little or no change is noticeable.