Mentality [noun]

Definition of Mentality:

state of mind; intelligence

Synonyms of Mentality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mentality:

Sentence/Example of Mentality:

We learnt to know Levantine and Egyptian mentality better than ever.

It is characteristic of her mentality that she never attempted to exact it.

The results have been largely dependent on the mentality of the investigators.

It was not alone my existence and my mentality that I must sacrifice, but my body.

Blue represents the religious, or spiritual, phase of mentality.

But mentality and spirit cannot be bought—only labour and dexterity.

When crooked, with an irregular Head Line, it is an evil sign of the Mentality.

It denotes weakness, not so much of the stomach as of the mentality, the will, the character.

The type of mentality I attributed to the Despoiler may be impossible.

Just the requisites with your mentality for doing good to poor humanity.