Mentioned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mentioned:

"Of course I am, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it," declared Emma.

I am glad you mentioned that word, because we should have been at a loss what to have called it.

I have mentioned in my letter to her that I have written to you.

The pillory stood not far away, and the May-pole is also mentioned.

All these, then recently installed, are mentioned by Rouquet.

There was constantly some excellent reason why the one mentioned would not do.

She was not in the least surprised that Dick had not yet returned, though he had mentioned half an hour.

Occasionally biscuits and game have been mentioned in the answers.

But if he loved her he would have mentioned her with affection, if only to console her in her widowhood.

Because she saw him wince when she mentioned Christine, her ill temper increased.