Mentored [verb]

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The Suns will hope Paul can serve as a veteran mentor for Booker and center Deandre Ayton, who are both seeking their first playoff appearances.

Einstein would eventually disavow the pure relativism of his mentor, and even to split from his Sancho.

Like, you know, on dating apps, but we are doing matching between mentors that have expertise and skills with needs requested by those startups or on projects.

In Cincinnati, the Bengals released longtime franchise pillar Andy Dalton, even though he seemed like an ideal mentor for a rookie, the kind of veteran who could hand over the reins.

Richard remained a mentor and friend until his untimely death in 2015 from a neurological disease.

My first piece of advice is to leverage your own community and support network, especially any mentors and role models you may have, to introduce you to potential investors.

There is no one piece of universal advice for finding a mentor.

Members from the company’s data science, engineering and design teams will serve as mentors — including Norfolk State alumnus Michael Chase.

Successful in his mission, McNamee became both a trusted mentor of Zuckerberg’s over the next three years and a believer in Facebook and its capacity for good.

Einav emailed back and became “kind of my mentor,” Rylan says.