Mentors [noun]

Definition of Mentors:

person who advises

Synonyms of Mentors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mentors:

Sentence/Example of Mentors:

For once let us be your mentors—you who have always been the mentor of others.

These crews, when they began to adopt training, employed watermen as mentors.

Tut-tut, dear lad, that is not the way to speak of our mentors and preceptors.

Men admire you in the ball-room, say the mentors and mentoresses, but they choose a wife from the home-circle.

The old guard were naturally the mentors, and it was a pleasure to watch the skill with which they performed their tasks.

And he hoped Sam hadn't gotten too blistered by his mentors when he returned home after fluffing the inquiry he was sent out on.

Good Habits: Mentors and servants that regulate your sleep, your work and your thought.

But we do not know if these gestures of natural courtesy are such as our mentors would approve.

A moment later the mentors went away, where, or how far, Frank could only guess.

His hands were then bound behind his back, and half a dozen mentors accompanied him on his trip.