Menu [noun]

Definition of Menu:

list from which to choose, often to choose food

Synonyms of Menu:

Opposite/Antonyms of Menu:


Sentence/Example of Menu:

The menu made her suspicious of the food because it was written in French.

After that Henriette and Sandoz, who were in consternation, witnessed the rout of their menu.

Henriette took especial care in preparing the menu for that Thursday dinner.

At sundown work stops and supper is eaten, the menu being as at breakfast.

They rested with particular pleasure on the menu card which stood in front of him.

Paliser, turning to the waiter, translated passages from the menu.

It is like ordering from a menu card for them to select husbands.

"Betting on the menu" it is called; and it is done in this way.

On Sunday nuts and raisins or apples were added to the menu.

Give her her way, and every composition she handed in to Miss Gould would be a menu.