Mercantilism [noun]

Definition of Mercantilism:

economic system of private ownership

Synonyms of Mercantilism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mercantilism:

Sentence/Example of Mercantilism:

The Spanish trade regulations; mercantilism; the staple cities.

Linen in Ireland had been a perfect type of the State-created, spoon-fed industry characteristic of the period of mercantilism.

Merchants accustomed to the routine of mercantilism and to state protection are pushed aside.

As long as selfishness is the rule, mercantilism, not economic laissez faire, will be king.

Exclusion of foreign influences from Colonies; Spanish mercantilism.

It is a throwback to earlier days of colonialism and mercantilism and it is laden with historical memories and sensitivities.

In spite of mercantilism, economic questions never became in England the pre-occupation of specialists.

Hence, Russian mercantilism was predominantly a state mercantilism.

Mercantilism was still in the ascendant when Adam Smith came to write.