Mercenaries [noun]

Definition of Mercenaries:

person who fights, kills for money

Synonyms of Mercenaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mercenaries:


Sentence/Example of Mercenaries:

Everything was hired, and the mercenaries in attendance were profound strangers to me.

His citizens have no silver or gold of their own, but are ready enough to pay them to their mercenaries.

The men in our garrison are mercenaries, all attached to us only because we pay them.

There were twenty mercenaries all told, excluding Fortunio and himself.

The sum paid for their ransom was so large that he at once had the wherewithal to pay his mercenaries.

Behind them came the mercenaries to the very gates of the palace.

Mercenaries may be had for the asking; faithfulness is another thing.

Therefore Xanabar is rotten at the under-core, for mercenaries have no god but gold.

Such volunteers were mercenaries, in every sense of the word.

“The excuse all mercenaries make,” said the lady, with bitter scorn in her voice.