Merchants [noun]

Definition of Merchants:

person who sells goods

Synonyms of Merchants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Merchants:

Sentence/Example of Merchants:

They were of the "Effendi class," and might be merchants or professional persons.

Judges lie in their official garb, and merchants with the emblems of their trade.

Likewise the shopkeepers and merchants and their assistants of all kinds were there.

Their merchants were eagerly looking about for commercial opportunities.

Railroad discussions were confined to merchants and manufacturers.

The great majority, almost the whole of our merchants, are for you.

Mine-owners and merchants were deeply engrossed in getting rich.

In more homely language the merchants appealed to their friends.

The booty was divided among the London merchants, as had been agreed upon.

I have been to merchants of wine, of tabac, to hotels, to Leicester Square.