Mere [adjective]

Definition of Mere:

nothing more; absolute

Synonyms of Mere:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mere:

Sentence/Example of Mere:

Eudora was a mere infant when Phidias bought her of a poor goatherd in Phelle.

These circumstances have led me to suppose that you worship them as mere forms.

You can even now return, if you will submit to be a mere sojourner in Athens.

Ladies, ladies—this is degenerating into a mere hammer-fest.

It is a wonder to me they all do not give in, as many are mere skeletons.

This was a mere formality and it did not have any deep significance.

As for Philip, all seemed a mere negation; there was a vacuum where his place had been.

After all, one grows weary of every thing that is to be had for the mere act of wishing.

Her exhibitions in all other quarters have been mere disguises.

The mere concept takes him into regions in which he feels uneasy.