Merges [verb]

Definition of Merges:

bring or come together

Opposite/Antonyms of Merges:

Sentence/Example of Merges:

It seemed to merge into tongues of flame where the lamplight caught it.

The objects of reality Strike through their shapes that merge and go.

The trouble with efficiency is that it will merge away into excess.

The violins were hushed, the groups turned, tended to merge one into another.

They went reluctantly inside, to merge with the darkness of the interior.

There it narrowed abruptly, to merge into the sheer wall of the canyon.

The many societies of Earth began to merge into a single superstate.

We seemed to be at the parting of the way where East and West meet and merge.

He creates; and he is able to merge himself in the thing created.

He writes history without the effort to merge the critic in the historian.