Meridional [adjective]

Definition of Meridional:

in the south

Synonyms of Meridional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meridional:

Sentence/Example of Meridional:

From this log subtract the log of difference of meridional parts.

The meridional hoops are covered with lances, white or coloured.

The pores are so disposed in meridional rows that the crests between the rows converge towards the two poles of the sagittal axis.

Took a meridional observation, and the altitude of the mountain.

Here the 10th house is at once seen to be on the meridional line.

Its latitude was ascertained by meridional observations to be 68° 58' N.

The most difficult part to understand are the meridional contrasts.

A meridional observation was obtained in latitude 67° 10' N.

We had no meridional observations, because the sky was obscured.

Locomotion is effected by meridional rows of tube-feet, aided by the spines.