Merinos [noun]

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The Merinos are perhaps the most ancient race of sheep extant.

"Get Merinos, by all means," pronounced Henry Wilson, who lived to the north of him.

She conceived a horror for her merinos, and shame for her plush hat.

A present of a ram from the King's fine flock of merinos was a sign of high favour.

Merinos were brought to England for the first time in 1788, but attracted little attention, owing to the want of rams.

Other breeds—hybrids of Southdowns, merinos, and other stock—were also in good condition, and fair in size.

This substitution of Lincolns for Merinos is now complete throughout the Pampean region.

Advise his majesty to have a score of Merinos of this quality delivered up to you!

Once his merinos and angoras were safe across the line Bud would gladly return and help round them up.

We have many a French Merino here; they belong, though, to quite a different family from the other Merinos.