Merits [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Merits:

She had already forgotten the entire matter, and was deep in the merits of collars!

Were they his rivals, he found the perfect word for their merits and shortcomings.

Again the elder blew a reflective cloud over the merits of the question.

No other man, let his merits be what they may, could have these advantages in my opinion.

He watched her anxiously, quick to approve her merits as she displayed them.

Treat this cavalier with all the respect and worship due to his birth and merits.

Another's merits have had their weight, and have had far more weight with Me.

Each reader will form his own opinion of the merits of the author and his book.

I have them both here, of a certainty; and they are both here for their merits; that is enough.

I do not think it very remarkable, either for its merits or demerits.