Mermen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mermen:

He yelled and swam lustily like a merman, keeping up with the ship.

I've grown a tail if you will; I'm the merman wandering free.

It is called "The Bell's Hollow," and there dwells the merman.

In spite of all their efforts they could not teach the merman to speak.

Her mother, in a rage, wishes that the merman may fetch her.

She does not conform, and the merman comes and says that her son is crying for her.

Mizika sees how it is, and exclaims, The merman has come for me!

It was no secret that she and the merman were in love and wanted to get married.

So I runs home an tells me mother; an she says twere a merman.

Twere handy t dark when I seed the merman rise from the water.