Merrily [adverb]

Definition of Merrily:


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Sentence/Example of Merrily:

Behold me with staff and scrip, footing it merrily in the Land of Pardons.

Yet he can tilt or play his part at hand-strokes as merrily as ever.

Happy, thrice happy, those who can foot it merrily all the way!

Merrily flew the years and almost before I realised it came graduation.

Why are these people here, and why does the bell ring so merrily?

So merrily he went to work, forgetting everything in his adherence to habit.

The Englishmen took their place, and merrily drove the sheep to their boats.

Was this really the woman who had just now been conversing so merrily?

As to old Cullingworth, he is booming along as merrily as ever.

Dorothy laughed long and merrily at the quaint ideas of her new friend.