Merrymaking [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Merrymaking:

My dear young lady, the saintliest thing we can let you do is to dance at that merrymaking.

He was in no humor for betrothal feasts and merrymaking when his city was lost.

Such a festival was not called an isinnu, but a nigatu,—a 'merrymaking.'

They were sent to the lockup again, and our party resumed their merrymaking.

I intend to have several days of feasting and merrymaking, in honor of your visit.

It could not be anything of a merrymaking, but what they at first supposed it—a tragedy.

There was 'feasting and merrymaking for seventy days and seventy nights.'

The others soon forgot the fight and continued their merrymaking.

But the last night of the old year will Father have no gatherings nor merrymaking.

And as for merrymaking, there is little of it left, and will soon be none.