Mesa [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mesa:

But Mesa had gone to earth in Aragon, and Rubio was with him.

At the place where the Soledad trail leaves that of Mesa Blanca.

Kit met the band where the trail forked to Palomitas and Mesa Blanca.

The mesa lay basking in the dry, hot stillness of the July afternoon.

“Let us go up on the ridge and look out over our mesa,” she murmured.

When he reached the crest of the mesa, Roger paused, shaken and breathless.

The sun was sinking behind the mountains into which the mesa merged.

Carmena dropped it at his feet and began to zigzag down the mesa side.

If any circled and climbed the mesa, the side cañons cut 'em off from us.

For a week we lived on the mesa at Walpi in the house of Heli.