Mesmerism [noun]

Definition of Mesmerism:

charm, attractiveness

Synonyms of Mesmerism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mesmerism:

Sentence/Example of Mesmerism:

"It must have been done by mesmerism, I fancy," rejoined Mr. Meek.

Animal magnetism or mesmerism had been involved in mystery and empiricism.

Mesmerism is a trance and seems to me almost identical with somnambulism.

You know what an excitement there has been about mesmerism in Paris this summer?

I know of no other thing in which there is so much entertainment as mesmerism.

They teach nothing of mesmerism or hypnotism at the universities.

Then I'll tell you what: there is going to be a lecture on Mesmerism to-night.

Well, granted that I possess a sort of mesmerism, may I use it for Nora's benefit?

She then experimented to some extent with mesmerism and clairvoyance.

I have heard it said that there isn't any truth in mesmerism.