Messages [noun]

Definition of Messages:

communication, often written

Synonyms of Messages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Messages:

Sentence/Example of Messages:

Many were the messages of regard and condolence that came from other lands.

Messages of sympathy reached me from all who had still affection for me.

These messages were the signal for a fresh outburst of enthusiasm.

Have you any messages you would like given to your friends over there?'

My messages were soon sent, and then I sat down to wait for the replies.

The mate would have taken any messages that were given to him.'

It was the only way to make Hannah take the air, to send her, as she put it, "to do the messages."

There is a clamour for evidence, signs, messages, testimony.

But some of the girls behind the door managed to send us messages.

But these messages tended otherwise than might have been expected.