Messed [verb]

Definition of Messed:

fiddle, tamper with

Synonyms of Messed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Messed:

Sentence/Example of Messed:

What is exquisite in one is watered, messed, spoiled by the others.

We messed at the strangest restaurant it was ever my ill-luck to enter.

Before she came, it was only the officers of high rank who messed there.

In some cases they have been messed and meddled in usum vulgi.

He glanced around the small circle of men who messed together.

Salamander messed with the men in their own house, after preparing and spreading our meals.

The mortality among the assistant-surgeons was dreadful; they messed with us.

He messed elsewhere and, as was natural, spent his spare time elsewhere.

It's no part o' my work to get messed up with tar and paint from lady passengers.

Hed have got all messed up and youd have been downright disappointed.